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Breedlove Organic Collection | David Garza First Impressions

Breedlove Organic Collection | David Garza First Impressions

The Breedlove Organic Collection sets a new eco-friendly standard in modern guitar building. Sustainably-sourced tonewoods shape the resonant sounds and visual beauty of these stunning solid-wood acoustic-electric guitars — creating harmony with nature by bringing a sustainable option to players of all levels.

David Garza's unique career as a musician has many sonic twists and turns — from expansive instrumental compositions to power-pop ballads to lilting, folkloric story-songs. Though his sound may shift, his core can always be felt as an artist aiming to delight, empathize, and connect. His work as a collaborator with artists such as Gaby Moreno and Fiona Apple highlights his masterful sensitivity, and he brings that same sensitivity to the guitars that he plays. “I really enjoy going to guitar stores and playing as many guitars as I can. It’s almost like walking through a forest. I can feel the tone in a well-tuned guitar in a way that really does bring me to nature. You sometimes see what the guitar wants you to play and then hopefully you can respond to it.” We invited Garza to try out some of the guitars in the Breedlove Organic Collection and share his music and first impressions.

Signature Concert Cutaway

"My first impression of this Signature Concert is that it lends itself towards instrumental music. For years before I even sang I just made up my own instrumental songs, and for whatever reason, this just sings those instrumental songs a little bit more acutely. This is definitely what I would consider a diamond in the rough in terms of the workhorse aspect of it. The tone spectrum is really wide, and there's a lot of malleability within the tone — literally at your fingertips.” He plays an intricate instrumental from his catalog. “The piece that I played is called ‘Inixia’ — a word I made up which means ‘initiation’ and [expresses] this idea that out of darkness can come light, out of dissonance can come harmony. You always know that a guitar is well-made when you can do minor seconds and things that would normally clash under a guitar that's not made as well. The intonation is beautiful on this.”

Wildwood Concert Cutaway

“My first impression of this Wildwood is that I love the look of it. I love the matte finish and the vibe. It feels like your favorite car that you've had since high school that you just don’t ever want to let go of — while still being new. The sustainably-sourced African Mahogany — everything about that particular wood must be the magic to make this thing keep its darkness and warmth. This one really sings to me.” The warmth of its tone can be heard as Garza plays his song “Black and Tan.” “This [guitar] had a feeling of openness. I wanted to do something finger-picky that had Latin energy — the bongos and those hot ocho strums that are part of my life — and I just thought this would be the guitar to try it on, a love song that is a little wild in itself. ”

Signature Companion

“The look and feel of this guitar is truly one of a kind. It sounds ancient but feels new. When I first saw this Signature Companion I was immediately brought to the world of Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, and Django Reinhardt — the 1920s. It's a really exposed tone which I like, so you hear all the intricacies in a way that you don't in a bigger guitar. It has an intimacy that the bigger guitars don't have. When I played ‘Invisible’ it was a revelation because when I play that song on other guitars it's kind of heavy and weighed down, and on this it seemed to float.”

Performer Concert Cutaway

“The look is right up my alley because it’s got those Texas dirt, dark, sunset, dusky kind of tones,” David notes of the Performer Concert's Bourbon Burst finish, and then discusses shape. “One thing I love about the cutaway is it’s not too severe. This one has a lyrical quality to it. I’m really compelled to find those rich harmonies that may be a little bit more intricate.”

We hear this lyrical quality in a new untitled piece inspired by the collection. “All this beautiful wood made me think about trees — where they all come from, and how basically every time we pick up a guitar we’re literally strumming a tree. So I had that idea of why not strum a tree, why not go waltz in a waterfall, or set your soul free — just challenging yourself to grow artistically with a little bit of whimsy to it.”

Garza ended the session with his thoughts on the importance of sustainability. “When we come to this planet as a child, everything is given to us. Then we grow a little bit and find out the best stuff truly is free, and all those clichés are true — and the big one that is the most true is how precious life is. As I get older and try to take more responsibility for what I do and play and sing — I’m always pulled back to that sense of responsibility to the planet.”

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