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New Mackie Gear for 2024

New Mackie Gear for 2024

Acknowledged tech geek Greg Mackie started his company in 1989, during the burgeoning home-studio market. Back then, Mackie captivated the throngs of new recording revolutionaries—not just by initially producing incredible-sounding mixers at musician-friendly prices, but also by marketing their products with a witty and snarky vibe that was quite the opposite of staid and humorless pro-audio advertising.

While Greg Mackie stepped down in 2003 to pursue other projects, the Mackie company continues to innovate, seeking to identify and design solutions for the “unmet needs” of today’s creators. (Kind of reminds you of a tech company named after a certain fruit, doesn’t it?)

To that end, Mackie is pouncing into 2024 with eight new products that span the disciplines of mixing, podcasting, streaming, gaming and gigging. From the small but mighty DLZ Creator XS Compact Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Live Streaming to the extremely portable and powerful gigging system that’s the ShowBox Battery-Powered All-In-One Live Performance Rig with Breakaway Mix Control, Mackie is firing up inspiration by delivering fabulous sound, comprehensive features, ease of use and a lot more value than even the most voracious creator might expect.

Table of Contents

Mackie ProFXv3+ Series Mixers
Mackie DLZ Creator XS
Mackie MainStream
Mackie MobileMix
Mackie ShowBox
Mackie Mania

Mackie ProFXv3+ Series Mixers

The Mackie ProFXv3+ series of analog mixers with Bluetooth and USB-C interfaces include the six-channel ProFX6v3+, 10-channel ProFX10v3+ and 12-channel ProFX12v3+. All three mixers in the line are multitasking multi-channel boards that are perfect for home recording, live performance, podcasting, livestreaming and just about any type of audio-content creation.

Mackie ProFXv3+ mixers feature robust Onyx analog mic preamps, GigFX+ signal processing (12 editable effects), 2-band EQ (ProFX6v3+) or 3-band EQ (ProFX10v3+ and ProFX12v3+) and Mackie’s renowned “Built Like a Tank” industrial design (steel chassis and ABS plastic sides). Built-in USB-C interfaces (24-bit/192kHz) link these analog workhorses to DAWs and digital stream devices, and three USB recording modes are on tap to simplify workflow: Standard (captures the main mix with EQ and effects), Loopback (brings in computer audio for enhancing podcasts or for performing with backing tracks) and Interface (sends dry signals to a DAW).

Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity can send and receive audio from laptops and mobile devices. This capability is a boon for solo performers needing prerecorded music tracks, as well as podcasters looking to add sound effects, samples and pads to productions. You can even invite remote guests to call into your show, and a Mix Minus feature ensures they can hear everything that’s going on except their own voice—which eliminates echoes, feedback and other unpleasant audio anomalies.

Mackie ProFX12v3+

With dedicated and clearly marked knobs, faders, buttons and LCD screen parameters, Mackie ProFXv3+ series mixers make setup and configuration near effortless. Switch a ProFX6v3+ from podcasting to a live solo performance at a coffee shop? Easy. Switch from using a ProFX12v3+ at a recording session to mixing a band at a big concert venue? Easy. These are multitasking marvels without a multitude of hassles.

Mackie DLZ Creator XS

Mackie DLZ Creator XS is a compact yet comprehensive control center for podcasters. Audio production is top notch and professional grade, due to the DLZ Creator XS’ Onyx80 mic preamps, flexible I/O (1/4" and 1/8" TRS jacks, USB-C and Bluetooth), onboard signal processing (3-band parametric EQ, compressor, de-esser, noise gate, reverb and more), vocal-changing effects and virtual “assistant engineers” such as AutoMix and Mix Agent. DLZ Creator XS also adapts the controls of its 7" touchscreen to your experience level, so that you can fearlessly dig into your very first podcast and then tailor the system to grow along with you.

The system also includes some savvy production features, such as customizable pads that can trigger samples and/or execute operational commands, rotary encoders and dedicated mute, solo and nav buttons.

Mackie DLZ Creator XS Rear

The compact design of DLZ Creator XS means you can stuff your podcasting essentials into an overnight bag or carry-on case, and move your studio to any location. Publishing at home or on the road is not a problem, as you record or stream to a computer, SD card, or USB flash drive. If you’d prefer working with a larger surface and some expanded features, check out the full-size Mackie DLZ Creator.

Mackie MainStream

Organize and simplify your live stream setup with the Mackie MainStream. The neat and petite MainStream lets you seamlessly incorporate a game feed, headset mic, video cameras, smartphone and more—controlling everything with physical knobs and buttons. (No more searching through parameter menus on a computer to make things happen quickly.

MainStream provides an HDMI input (and passthrough) with video-capture card, an onboard USB-C hub and inputs for your main microphone, chat headset and smartphone. Outputs include a headphone jack and stereo line outs for connecting speakers.

Mackie MainStream Rear

MainStream also provides six programmable, multi-function control keys for triggering samples and making camera and/or video transitions. More production power is available via the included Mackie Matrix software, which lets you route up to four hardware devices, mix six virtual input channels and add effects, samples and more using 24 virtual pads. MainStream—which is fully operational without the Matrix software—is powerful and super portable, so you can set up your gaming and streaming headquarters wherever you’re comfortable.

Mackie MobileMix

The Mackie MobileMix is—not surprisingly—a fabulously portable audio mixer that features eight channels, onboard 2-band EQ and reverb (plate, hall, reverb+delay), two Onyx mic/instrument preamps, stereo line inputs and two-way Bluetooth streaming. But it’s not just size that makes the MobileMix exceedingly portable—it’s also the savvy USB powerable feature that defines this mixer as a truly “bring anywhere” audio tool.

The MobileMix eliminates a conventional IEC power cable, so you never have to suffer the frustration of MIA or far out-of-reach power sources. (Although you can plug in by using a USB adapter.) Instead, USB power means you can run the MobileMix from the same battery-powered laptop you’re using to record, edit, and/or stream audio. You can even purchase an optional, rechargeable USB battery pack, plug it into the power compartment under the MobileMix and run totally off the grid, so to speak.

Mackie MobileMix Rear I/O

In addition, Bluetooth capability makes the MobileMix a fantastic and productive choice for podcasters who like to create content in the great wide open. (Reports on Icelandic volcanos? A beachfront documentary on extreme surfing?) While Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream music and even interview call-ins from your smartphone, two TRRS jacks can simultaneously connect two video cameras or phones—perfect for livestreaming or content capture. That’s a lot of storytelling opportunities for your podcast—as well as offering creative options for singer/songwriters, small combos and audio producers—and everything can be managed with ease.  

Mackie ShowBox

Solo acts, duos, small combos and buskers dream of a one-box-does-everything solution for live performance. An integrated, portable, all-purpose PA system that can be carted to a gig or spontaneous music space with a single hand.

Mackie ShowBox Rear View

The Mackie ShowBox gives singer/songwriters and other musicians all of that and more. Packed into a multi-function, battery-powered speaker cabinet that weighs just 21 lbs., ShowBox delivers a 400-watt amplifier, six-channel mixer, 3-band EQ, four insert effects and two effects sends, inputs for mics and instruments, built-in tuner and looper, Bluetooth connectivity and speaker-voicing modes for Amp/PA and Indoor/Outdoor.

The Amp voicing can be a game changer in itself. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of bringing a guitar amp, or putting your tone at risk by plugging directly into your PA system. Instead, the ShowBox provides you with an organic amp sound, as well as offer guitar-appropriate onboard effects, such as fuzz and overdrive. Even if you wouldn’t consider doing a gig without your pedalboard, the ShowBox’s effects loop can make that happen.

Mackie ShowBox Mixer and Speaker

There’s more practical technology in the ShowBox’s Breakaway Mix Control. Set into the speaker cabinet for transport, this mix module can be removed and mounted on a mic stand so you can tweak levels, tones, effects and more in real time during a performance. No more trying to get the attention of a soundperson in the middle of a song, or even relying on a sound crew at all. The Mackie ShowBox is the ultimate DIY performance system.

The Mackie ShowBox can operate for 12 hours per complete battery recharge. And if you want to capture your performance for prosperity, you can record the show to an SD card. The onboard USB-C interface also makes it easy to livestream to an online audience if you’re engaging fans with “pop-up” shows. One box—so many options. Unleash your imagination.

Mackie Mania

Mackie has been an innovative company from the moment it started, but 2024 seems to be the year of ingenious diversity, with products serving a variety of creators, from home-recording musicians to podcasters to singer/songwriters and even gamers. Need a little advice on which system best serves your creative process and market? Talk to one of our Gear Advisers at 855-770-3352, or seek out one of our helpful professionals at your local Guitar Center.

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