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Since the very beginning, Fender has been praised for the exceptional playability, sound quality and craftsmanship of their guitars. Of course, for discerning musicians who want to truly experience everything that makes the Fender name special, their Custom Shop models are the way to go. Boasting the best luthiers in the world, the Fender Custom Shop is a place where musicians can let their imaginations run wild, resulting in some stunning instruments that are just as much works of art as they are guitars. To say that Fender Custom Shop guitars are of the highest quality would be an understatement. In fact, these guitars go through an intensive process to ensure they're nothing short of perfect. How perfect you ask? Let's just say that artists ranging from Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck to Ritchie Blackmore and Sheryl Crow have stepped foot in the Fender Custom Shop to overlook the process of these guitars. Browsing this catalog will certainly make more than a few Fender enthusiasts drool. There's '68 Stratocasters, '52 Telecasters, '64 Jazzmasters, the list goes on. Need an option to start your search with? Turn your attention to the Limited Edition La Cabronita Boracha Reverse Jazzmaster Electric Guitar. Incorporating features and electronics from 2009's original La Cabronita (played by artists like John Mayer and Keith Urban), this latest version has a bit more body mass for extra sustain. A truly one-of-a-kind instrument, this guitar will exceed the expectations of any performer who wants to stand out from the pack. While you're at it, take a look at the Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Made to the exact specifications of the man himself, Gilmour's Black Strat has played a significant role in defining the sound of many classic Pink Floyd albums, including The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Beautiful, powerful and unique, this Strat comes with a custom guitar case, an Evidence high-end cable, Gilmour's three-disc Live in Gdansk CD/DVD set, and Phil Taylor's 2007 book about the guitar's history, The Black Strat. As you can see, this section is the place to be if you want a guitar that was used by a legend. The simple truth is that popular music today would not be the same if it wasn't for Fender, and their Custom Shop Guitars are magnificent tributes to the company's legacy.