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Vox Amplifiers & Effects

In 1962, modern music was changed forever when four young Brits released their first single "Love Me Do." And when The Beatles started what would be dubbed "the British Invasion," Vox Amplification came along for the wild ride. Musicians everywhere wanted what The Beatles had - their hair, their look and of course their stage equipment, which is why Vox amplifiers and effects quickly became the most sought after guitar amps in the world. Vox is still rocking and rolling today - their amps and effects continue to deliver superior sound on the global stage.

Vox's success in the 60s definitely cemented their status as a premier provider of amplifiers and effects. In fact, many of the same amps that musicians relied on back then are still on the market today! Take for example Vox's Limited Edition AC4 4W 1 X 12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp. If you're seeking the classic chime of a Vox amp, this limited edition model may be the amp for you. It's portable, compact and works like a charm in all your home, live and recording applications. Want an amp that's packed with a bit more power? Check out the Vox Custom AC30C2 30W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp. This bad boy makes use of 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and use 4 x EL84 tubes to deliver 30W of power. It's equipped with a 2nd extension speaker jack that lets you hook up an additional 16-ohm cabinet. Pair that speaker with the internal speakers and what have you got? Fuller, even more resonant sound that brings the house down.

And if you're here for effects pedals, you're in luck - Vox's effects catalog is pretty comprehensive. There are stompboxes and effects processors for both bass and guitar available here, so whatever your instrument of choice, chances are you'll find the effects that best suit your unique musical style. From hand-wired wah-wahs and fuzz guitar effects pedals, to bass effects processors and more, Vox has you covered when it comes to effects.

Your choices don't end with the amps and effects covered above. Not even close, which is why you should spend a bit of time taking everything in before making your final decision. Having a Vox amplifier or effects pedal in your setup is like owning a piece of musical history. And as soon as you plug in and play any one of these stellar amplifiers or effects pedals, you'll see why Vox is the brand of choice for performers worldwide.
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