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Lamps & Bulbs

A successful gig comes down to the details, whether it's a small, intimate coffee house show, a DJ act or a sold-out stadium concert in front of thousands of screaming fans. To give your audience the best possible show, lighting effects plays a big part in the overall experience. Having plenty of lights means you need spare lamps and bulbs to go with them; this may seem like a small detail, but an important one. If you're a professional DJ, your main goal is to keep your guests dancing and entertained. From a big wedding party to a dance club, a great lighting system can help create a fun and entertaining show. Keeping vibrantly colored, pulsating lights going is dependent on having replacement bulbs on hand and will help build the ambience you need to keep the party going all hours of the night.

For a more laidback, acoustic or power ballad performance, you may want a single light shining on the lead vocalist. A heavy metal act will want bold, powerful lighting to complement the powerful guitar riffs and heart-pumping vocals. These kinds of lighting systems can go through plenty of lamps and bulbs to get the desired effects. Knowing the types of lights you have in your stage show is important for keeping yourself stocked up on spare lamps and bulbs. The Lamp Lite LL-200PAR46M Replacement light works with PAR-46-A,B and Stage Act46 fixtures while the American DJ ZB-4515 Par 36 30W lamp is a non-halogen sealed beam for PAR36 lights, for example. With literally hundreds of different lighting systems, having the proper replacement lamps and bulbs on hand ensure a quick and convenient change if one burns out when you need it, whether it's before the show or even mid-performance. Setting up an unforgettable gig takes time, patience and great attention to detail. Keeping your act completely glitch-free can seem like a daunting task but with a few good replacement lamps and bulbs at your disposal, you'll have one task checked off the list.