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Drum Thrones & Stools

You are royalty when you get behind your drums, so it only makes sense that you have a throne to sit upon while you're rocking out. With a high quality drum throne, you'll be able to stay comfortable for longer than ever before as you lay down the back beat for the band. When choosing a drum throne, it's important to find the one that is perfect for you. Fortunately, because there is such a wide variety available, that shouldn't be too difficult. Take some time to think about the features that are important to you and then dive in and explore the options! If you're looking for a strictly basic throne that gets the job done, check out the Gibraltar 5600 Series Round Drum Throne. This sturdy throne is lightweight and compact, making it easily portable. It features a seat that is wrapped in comfortable top grade foam and finished with a vinyl seat cover. Simple and built to last, this is definitely a top notch option for any drummer.

On the other hand, what if you already have a great throne and you're just looking for a back rest to add to its comfort? The Gibraltar Universal Drum Throne Back Rest Attachment has you covered. This attachment will definitely ease the tension on your back when you drum. It easily mounts to most standard thrones, and is durably built, so you'll have more energy and endurance for those long jam sessions. Maybe you're the kind of drummer who likes to show off a little style? If so, you're going to love the Pork Pie Big Boy Bicycle Throne. This flashy throne is made to support drummers of all sizes, and is sure to catch a few eyes with its red vinyl and leopard print seat. If you're a drummer that really loves expressing their personality, then this is definitely the throne for you. A comfortable throne is going to help you go the extra mile behind the kit. When you're feeling comfortable, you'll be more relaxed and ready to play. Whether it's a quick jam or a three hour concert, a quality throne makes all the difference.