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Disco and Stage Mirror Balls

Specialty lighting effects are a fun and effective way to add depth and drama to a stage performance or club act. Mirror balls Mirror balls reflect brilliant speckles of light to every corner of the room, making them a surefire way to energize everyone and get them up on the dance floor. Whether you use it on its own or synchronized with lights and fog machines, a mirror ball is a guaranteed to impress and delight the crowd. If you're looking to add a vintage touch to your show, a mirror ball is a terrific choice. A true flashback to the disco era, mirror balls permeate the dance floor with dazzling, rotating beams of light.

Who can resist showing off their best Travolta moves under the unmistakable glow of a mirror ball? If you're slowing the music down with a slow ballad, the ambience from a mirror ball is sure to add a spark of romance for all the lovebirds in the audience. They're perfect for wedding parties, dances or any venue that encourages slow dancing. Choosing the right mirror ball depends on the size and capacity you need. Are you looking for colored effects as well? Do you need corresponding pinspots or simply the ball itself? The American DJ Starbell LED Mirror Ball an LED light sphere that gives a mirror ball effect without the need for an external light source. It produces 34 bright, slowly rotating white beams over a wide area. If you're looking to add some color into the mix, the Startec MB-8 Mirror Ball Package includes 4 tinted gels and a pinspot along with the ball.

The disco ball is a fun and energizing blast from the past and a true staple of any high-spirited dance club. Whether audience members are dancing under the sparkling mirrors or just watching the brilliant spots of light spinning around, they're sure to be enchanted. Simply hang up the mirror ball and watch it work some magic!