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Classroom Recorders

There's no better symbol for school music programs than the recorder. It's an iconic instrument played by students just about everywhere, and for good reason: it's simple and accessible, with a clear, accurate sound. Plus, it's easy to take care of and fantastic for learning basic musical theory. In fact, you can even use them to teach a bit of music history as well - did you know that the roots of the recorder go all the way back to the medieval era? And that composers including Bach and Vivaldi have written it into their music to imitate the sound of birds singing? The recorder may be a small instrument but it has a big history, and these classroom recorders make a great introduction for your students. Although the recorder can come in a range of different sizes, most classroom recorders are soprano, with baroque-style fingering. This standard makes it easy to find resources for your students, since most method books and instructional materials are written for this type of recorder. You can even pick up some of those resources right here - for instance, take a look at the Music Sales Step One: Play Recorder Book and CD. The recorders themselves come in varieties from the traditional Yamaha YRS-312B Rosewood Finish Soprano Recorder to the exciting colors of the Canto One-Piece Translucent Soprano Recorder. So whether you like your classroom instruments classic or fun, there are perfect recorders here for you. If you're looking for something special, you can probably find it here. For example, do you need to outfit multiple classes of students for the year? The Lyons Soprano Recorder Value Bundle 100-Pack makes that a cinch. Accommodating a student with special physical needs? The Aulos Recorders for Disabled Soprano A204Af might be your answer. And if you're planning on venturing outside the soprano standard, you can try out different-sized recorders like the Yamaha YRA-302B Professional Alto Recorder or the YRN-22B Sopranino Recorder with Baroque Fingering. For students taking the first tentative steps on their musical journey, an accessible instrument is a must. That's why classroom recorders are so common: they're easy to learn, easy to play, and straightforward enough for any child to handle and care for. Not only that, but they're affordable even on a school music program's tight budget. The wealth of standardized learning resources is just the icing on the cake that is the recorder - and if we follow through with that analogy, it's safe to say you can have your cake and eat it, too.