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Saxophone Necks

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While the mouthpiece is considered the sax's noisemaker, it's the neck that really shapes and controls the powerful sound of this woodwind instrument. Every single breath you blow into your saxophone travels through the neck, so it is critical that this essential piece is functioning at its very best. It's common knowledge that all saxophones come equipped with a factory standard neck. However, what you might not know is that updating your sax with an alternate neck can manipulate and even improve the sound produced by your horn.

Since saxophone necks come in a few different forms, your choice for an alternate neck will be a bit easier if you consider the type of saxophone you play. An important thing to keep in mind while shopping for a saxophone neck is that a one-size-fits most mindset doesn't apply. For example, if you play the tenor sax, a neck designed for an alto sax just won't work, and vice versa.

The options in this section range from budget-friendly models like the Yamaha Complete Neck Assembly for YAS23 through to higher-end selections like the Oleg Signature Tenor Saxophone Neck. Your best bet is to browse them all for a better idea of which one suits your skill level and playing style. Turn your attention to the Peter Ponzol Custom Saxophone Necks. Intonation, timbre, resistance and consistency of tone are some of the major factors these custom saxophone necks can influence. They will fit all French Selmer altos and tenors (with the exception of the Mark VII) from the balanced action models up to and including the saxophones in the Super Action Series.

By now you'll probably agree that this is the place to be for a new saxophone neck, so jump in any time and take a look at the rest of your choices. When you get right down to it, having the right saxophone neck will make your instrument sound better - and really, what musician wouldn't want that?