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Saxophone Reeds

Maybe you've been performing in front of audiences for decades, or perhaps you've just picked up the instrument today - either way, if you're in the market for saxophone reeds, you've just found your one-stop shop. Whether you play the alto, tenor, soprano, baritone or bass sax, you'll discover more than enough reeds for each type in sets of 3, 10 and even 25. From Vandoren and Rico to Alexander Reeds and Forestone, these companies are favored by pro-level saxophonists around the world, and they can all be found in these pages.

A beautiful-sounding saxophone tone will depend greatly on the reed you're performing with, but there's more to it than simply choosing a top manufacturer - in fact, the right saxophone reed for one person could be the opposite for someone else. Reeds come in strengths of 1 to 5 (ranging from soft to hard). Reeds on the softer side of the spectrum have a bright tone and decreased resistance, while reeds on the harder side have a darker sound and an increased resistance. Typically, it's recommended that beginners go with softer reeds because they're easier to play, but that doesn't mean playing a hard reed automatically makes you an advanced player. It all comes down to what you feel most comfortable playing. Once you find a reed that matches your personal preferences, the better your saxophone performances will be.

You've probably already noticed that these pages are loaded with a seemingly endless range of saxophone reeds. For this reason, you might want to narrow down your options to the type of saxophone you play by using the "Category" function. For example, by clicking on "Alto", you'll be given only reeds for alto saxophones; click on "Tenor", and only tenor reed models will pop up. The same can be said for both soprano saxophones and baritone and bass models. No doubt, taking advantage of this tool will certainly speed up your search tremendously.

Whatever you choose from this catalog, you can expect a high level of quality and craftsmanship because only the best brands are offered. By taking into consideration your budget and saxophone type, you'll have no problem finding a saxophone reed that's easy to play and suits your unique style to a tee.