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Jazz Bass Pickups

The trebly midrange sound of the Jazz Bass has played an essential role in the development of countless musical genres since it was first introduced by Leo Fender in 1960. Of course, its pickups are one of the many reasons why the bass is such a hit with bass players around the world, and these days Jazz Bass pickups are designed by many respected pickup manufacturers. Just take a look through this section and you'll find Jazz Bass pickups from the likes of DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, EMG and Bartolini.

Whether you're replacing your current neck and bridge pickups or building your very own Jazz-style bass from scratch, this catalog of Jazz Bass pickups is loaded with options to suit every taste and budget. One of the most popular pickup sets here is the DiMarzio DP123 Model J Bass Pickup Set. If you're after a sound that's crunchy and focused, these are the pickups for you. Additionally, the DP123 pickup set will also boost your gain and response, making them the perfect choice for bass players who want their sound to be felt (as well as heard) by their audience.

Or maybe you're after a tone that's straight out of rock'n'roll's '60s heyday - in which case, go with the Fender Custom Shop '60s J-Bass Pickup Set. What you have here is an overwound version of the best-selling Fender bass pickups on the globe. The result: a hotter output and even more low-end power. Make no mistake, if it's serious thump and growl that you're after, then these bad boys are just the answer.

And don't think for a second that your Jazz Bass pickup options end there, so feel free to start browsing the rest of this selection any time now. Since the Fender Jazz Bass hit the scene, it has found its way to the hands of many legendary musicians, including John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee and Marcus Miller. And it's no wonder why: there's simply no other bass like it - and as you can see from the pickups in these pages, you'll have no problem customizing your Jazz Bass sound to suit your unique playing style.