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IK Multimedia iOS Devices

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From gigging to recording and more, there's no part of a musician's life that hasn't been touched by digital. It started with the introduction of MIDI in the 1980s, and it's been getting more and more useful ever since. But it was the smartphone and tablet revolution that really helped digital take off, making it possible to keep powerful digital tools (that would once have required bulky hardware) right in our pockets. With that said, it still takes some accessories to get the job done, and that's what you'll find in this selection of IK Multimedia iOS devices. There's a wide variety of adapters, interfaces, controllers and more to choose from, so you can put together a setup that does it all.

Naturally, the first step to picking out accessories for your iOS performance or production rig is to narrow down the options based on how you use it. For instance, if you're a vocalist or if you want to record an acoustic instrument, you could hook up the IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD - or use the iRig PRE Mic Pre to connect an analog microphone. If you're a guitarist, check out the IK Multimedia iRig 2 Guitar Interface (or the studio-quality version for professional use). Or maybe you'd rather tickle the ivories? The IK Multimedia iRig KEYS has you covered. And of course, there are all kinds of microphone and music stand mounts to put your phone or tablet right where you need it while you're taking advantage of what the iRig hardware can do.

The best part of all might be that these suggestions are just scratching the surface of IK Multimedia iOS devices, and you can find lots more where they came from, including things like a page-turning footswitch for your notation apps, an acoustic guitar mic, MIDI interfaces, mixers and even recording studio packages. IK Multimedia does a great job of making sure that you can get the most out of your mobile music apps, so you can let your creativity flow no matter where you go.