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There's no bigger name in the guitar world than Gibson - a fact they owe to their century-long history that started with acoustic guitars in the early 1900s, continued through the electric guitar revolution, and is still going strong today. With that much experience building instruments, it's only natural for Gibson to be in the accessories game as well. The Gibson guitar straps in this section have a lot in common with Gibson's instruments: they look great, they're comfortable to use, and there's enough variety for any musician to find a perfect fit. From the beginner to the experienced performer, it's safe to say there's a Gibson strap for everybody.

With that in mind, the first step to picking out your Gibson guitar strap is to decide what sort of strap will suit you. For beginners, or pros looking for something simple and affordable, a good starting point would be something like the Gibson 2" Nylon Guitar Strap, Gibson Lightning Bolt 2" Nylon Strap or Gibson 3" Woven Strap with Gibson Logo. These straps are lightweight and flexible, which makes them easy to store and transport along with your instrument.

Maybe you're looking for a leather strap instead? If so, you've got even more options to choose from in this section. For a classic look, you could try the Gibson Troubador Acoustic Guitar Strap on for size. Or, for those long gigs or heavy guitars that need a little extra strain relief, check out a cushioned strap such as the Gibson Montana Leather Strap, Gibson Fatboy Leather Strap or Gibson Switchblade Leather Strap. All three of these styles come equipped with a memory foam pad that makes them incredibly comfortable no matter how demanding your gigs are.

As practical as a guitar strap is, it's also a visual cue that plays into your stage presence - so finding the best strap for you is a matter of balancing your desired look with the right fit and feel. When one of these Gibson guitar straps lines up with your wishes in both of those areas, you'll know you're looking at a great candidate to add to your guitar strap collection! And from that point, as they say, the ball is in your court.