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Woodwind Mouthpiece Accessories

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When you get to thinking about it, the mouthpiece and reed really are the most important parts of a woodwind instrument. After all, they generate the tone - the rest of the instrument can only work with what it's given from these two pieces. So with as much attention as is paid to keeping reeds in great shape, isn't it only fair that your mouthpiece get a little pampering as well? Of course it is, and the woodwind mouthpiece accessories in this section will have you well-prepared to provide it. Whether you're looking to give your mouthpiece a good, thorough cleaning, stash it in style or even to make it more comfortable to play, we've got you covered.

When you hit the stage, your music can be as funky as you like - but you don't want the same word to apply to your mouthpiece. Giving it regular baths with cleaners like the Sterisol 8 oz. Germicide Concentrate is a good starting point, and if it needs a little extra scrubbing, you can get all the nooks and crannies with the Giardinelli Woodwind Mouthpiece Brush. Interested in a high-tech sterilization method? Check out the Silverstein Works Woodwind Mouthpiece Infrared Sanitizer series, which uses the power of light to keep the mouthpiece pristine.

After that, making sure your mouthpieces stay clean all the way to the gig is as easy as packing them up in a protective bag like the Kiwi Mouthpiece Pouches, Protec Saxophone Neck/Mouthpiece Pouch or the Protec Multiple Trombone/Alto Sax/Clarinet Mouthpiece Pouch. There are accessories that step in once it comes out of the pouch, too. For instance, do you find that playing for long periods can be hard on your lips? If so, consider applying something like BG Mouthpiece Patches or Leblanc Vibra-Ease Mouthpiece Cushions to make your playing experience easier and more comfortable.

Accessorizing, as it turns out, is just as important for the mouthpiece as it is for the rest of your instrument! With all the options here in this section, it's safe to say there are woodwind mouthpiece accessories to accomplish just about anything. From routine cleaning to storage and transportation to customizing the feel, all it takes is the right gear to get the best performance out of your mouthpiece.