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The Schaller S-Locks Gold, strap locks that revolutionize the connection between guitar and strap. Since 1981, Schaller has been setting the standard in strap locks and protecting beloved instruments with their unique designs. Now, Schaller proudly presents the new S-Locks Gold—'S' for save, silent and Schaller. These revolutionary strap locks are completely silent, featuring one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, an elegant lock wheel and a revamped pull-up ball for effortless locking and releasing. The S-Locks Gold provide maximum security against breakage for your guitar. The S-Locks Gold lets you shake, roll and play without noise.

One-Piece Hardened Steel Buttons

The S-Locks Gold's one-piece hardened steel strap buttons offer more than double the thickness of standard buttons to guarantee maximum security for your guitar. Self-tapping wood threads allow for easy installation on any guitar. Felt washers protect your guitar's finish from damage.

Elegant Lock Wheel

The S-Locks Gold feature an innovative lock wheel with a unique three-step security function. First, screw on the lock wheel by hand for basic protection. Then, tighten it further with the included Allen wrench for maximum security. Finally, use the included micro cone-top screw to permanently attach the lock wheel so you'll never lose it. This lock wheel, combined with the solid steel buttons, provides unparalleled protection for your guitar.

Revamped Pull-Up Ball

A redesigned pull-up ball allows for effortless locking and releasing of your guitar strap. The extended thread length securely holds straps up to 0.24" thick. Slanted, stainless steel locking bolts provide permanent precision and reliability for a wear-free finish.

Fits All Guitars

The S-Locks Gold are compatible with all-existing Schaller security locks and straps. Only one strap and one pair of S-Locks Gold are needed for all of your guitars. Use the S-Locks Gold strap button replacement kits to install the new strap locks on any guitar. Protect your entire collection with the innovative S-Locks Gold, exclusively from Schaller.

Schaller S-Locks Black Chrome

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  • 4 mm/ 5/32“ screw with self-tapping wood thread. Fits all existing strap buttons including Gibson for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws
  • Hardened steel and more than double thickness of the strap button guarantees maximum security against breakage
  • Includes high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of guitar's finish
  • Extended thread length for holding straps of up to 6 mm thickness
  • New designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel for permanent precision, reliable performance and wear-free finish
  • New designed pull-up ball for easy-grip lock and release
  • Lock-Wheel

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