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Music Teaching Aides & Reference

When it comes to musical education, every instructor wants their lessons to be fun, engaging and exciting. And with a little help from music teaching aids references, they will be! Song books, flashcards, flip-charts, even unconventional teaching tools like Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts Plush Toys are all fantastic teaching aids that help student musicians have fulfilling and rewarding musical journeys. Whether you're a musician, teacher, parent or student, we've got the perfect musical reference aids for your situation.

Let's kick things off by calling out a few traditional music books. If you want to add the smooth, soulful sounds of jazz into your curriculum, pick up Alfred's Chop-Monster Jr. Book & 2 CDs. This handbook clearly outlines how to teach jazz and uses imaginative call-and-response activities, movement and circle games that instruct young people how to sing, groove and independently perform kid-sized jazz works. Another great resource to have in the classroom is The Music Substitute Sourcebook Grades K-3 Book from Alfred. Packed with quality lesson plans and activities, this book has been developed to allow anyone to easily transition into the role of music teacher and is an excellent ready-to-use source of information for both substitute and regular music teachers.

This section is also home to a variety of less traditional music teaching aids and references. Take for example, the oversized Hal Leonard Music Flip Chart. You'll find many practical uses for this larger-than-life flip book. It's designed with printed staff lines (4 horizontal staves per chart) and features spiral binding on one side that makes page turning easy for little hands. Hal Leonard also offers Erasable Lap Boards. Available in a pack of ten, each board in the set has two staves printed on one side for teaching musical notation with the other side left blank. Whether used for drawing rhythms, writing down musical terminology, or used for just plain fun, these erasable lap boards are a must for any music classroom.

There's lots more to here to see, so we suggested spending a bit of time browsing these pages to gauge which music teaching aids are going to be complement your lessons plans and individual teaching style. Keeping a child's attention in the classroom may pose a bit of a challenge, but incorporating any one of these teaching tools into your everyday instruction is bound help engage even the most easily-distracted students.