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Microphone Capsules

Whether you're playing at a small coffee house, a large concert hall or recording your future hit song in a sound studio, you need high quality equipment for the best possible vocals. A top performing microphone is the most obvious instrument to assist in getting the sound you want. Inside that microphone however, there needs to be excellent working parts; good quality microphone capsules are a big part of its internal make-up. The inner workings of a microphone can have an impact on changes in sound and feedback. Stable parts assist in a stable performance.

The main head of the microphone that you speak or sing into holds the capsule. The microphone capsule is the part of the mic that changes the sound into a small electrical current. Most mics have a grill that allows the sound to pass through. With a good capsule, you'll achieve a higher signal output and cut through on-stage sound levels. In turn, this provides vocal clarity and projection that is so important in studio recordings or live gigs. When deciding which capsule meets your needs, there are two basic kinds to consider: the pressure-operated and velocity-operated (or pressure-gradient). A pressure-operated capsule such as the Shure Omnidirectional picks up the directions of the sound waves from the front, back or side. These capsules are good for live shows with lots of instruments.

With a velocity-operated option like the Rode NT45-O omni capsule, the sound waves can come from the front and back but not the side. These types of capsules are ideal for getting the most out of your studio recording. Whatever type of capsule you choose, it really comes down to personal preference and requirements. With a good microphone capsule to help you make clear, beautiful audio, you'll be belting those quality tunes in no time.