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The V7 MC1 brings the powerful sound and performance of the V7 handheld wired dynamic mic to your favorite Shure® wireless microphone body, so you can take your V7’s sound with you wherever you go. The V7 MC1 capsule features the same specialized aluminum voice coil, smooth & detailed highs, wind & handling noise protection, excellent off-axis response and superior feedback rejection of the V7.

Innovative, specialized aluminum voice coil

The DMC7 dynamic capsule in the V7 MC1 has been custom-developed for a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures your voice in the most natural way you've ever heard on stage - and its sophisticated supercardioid capsule design helps isolate your voice from other instruments, ensuring vast amounts of gain before feedback.

Proven Neodymium magnets, tight production tolerances & high-end workmanship ensure excellent sensitivity, superior sound quality and superb consistency.

Patented integrated shockmount

The V7 MC1’s brand new, patented shockmount efficiently decouples the capsule from mechanical vibration, providing exceptionally low handling noise as compared to other mics in its class. This means you can feel free to move around on stage without fear of rumbles, pops, or anything other than your voice coming through.

All-metal beveled spring steel grille
The V7 MC1’s road-ready design is all metal - no plastic parts here. The chassis' high quality, highly durable zinc alloy is designed to hold up under on-stage stress for years, and the spring steel mesh grille is dent-proof and corrosion-free for perfect reliability. The beveled edge around the grille also prevents your mic from rolling around when you put it down on top of your amp or the stage floor.

Internal windscreen
Efficiently reduces unwanted wind noise and plosive pops. In case you find the stylish red color unsuitable for specific applications, we've also included a spare black windscreen in the box.

Gold-plated contacts
The V7 MC1's gold-plated contacts ensure a loss-free and reliable signal connection for years to come.

All in all, the V7 MC1 makes it easier than ever for your engineer to get an amazingly full, rich sound with minimal processing, so you always sound your very best.

Internal windscreen
Efficiently reduces unwanted wind noise and plosive pops. Red and black options included for personal preference

robust all-metal housing
Roadworthy design - no plastic parts. High quality, highly durable, corrosion-free materials and finishing

Innovative, specialized aluminum voice coil
Delivers a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures your voice and instruments in the most natural way you’ve ever heard on stage. Makes your sound engineer’s job easier than ever

Sophisticated super-cardioid capsule design
Helps isolates your voice from other instruments on the stage ensures high gain before feedback.

Patented integrated shock-mount

Efficiently decouples the capsule from mechanical vibration eliminates handling noise, footfall noise and any rumble.

sE Electronics V7 MC1 black with internal windscreen Black

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