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Franklin Strap Guitar Straps

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There's one trait that counts above all others in the world of music: passion. That goes for musicians, who pour out their passion for the art form through their songs onstage, and it goes for craftspeople, who express it in the quality and performance of the instruments and gear they create. And there are some people out there who do both - like Greg Bennett. He's a renowned luthier, an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist, and the founder of Franklin Strap. Greg has a reputation for making equipment that's designed by guitarists, for guitarists, and the Franklin Strap guitar straps in this section are the perfect examples of that.

Franklin bills itself as "the soft strap," and that starts with their 2" Cotton Guitar Strap. It's available in black and natural colors with leather ends, or black with embossed suede ends in Franklin's trademark style. This fabric strap is thick enough to hold heavy instruments securely, but still thin enough to coil up small for transit. With a standard 2" width and just the right amount of give, it goes easy on your shoulder so even long gigs are no problem.

Are you more of a leather strap enthusiast? If so, Franklin has a lot of options for you. They start a little wider than the cotton strap at 2.5", as in the Franklin Strap 2.5" Black Suede Guitar Strap with Silver Stitching - but there's also the option to go up to 3" if you want to distribute your guitar's weight a little more evenly. And with vintage-friendly color options like the Franklin Strap 2.5" Honey Suede Guitar Strap with Chocolate Ends, there's a leather Franklin strap here to suit any stage presence.

It may be true that guitar straps serve a very practical purpose, but there's more to them than just holding up the guitar. Comfort matters too, especially during long gigs - and the natural materials in Franklin Strap guitar straps are more than ready to deliver it. Plus, they look great while doing it! So if you've been looking for a strap that's easy on the eyes and on your shoulder, you can give Greg Bennett the credit for this section's fantastic lineup ready to provide just that.