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Fender Stratocaster Pickups (Single Coil)

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When you're looking for new pickups for your Strat, why not start with the genuine article? This range of single-coil Fender Stratocaster pickups has something for just about any Strat, whether you're upgrading a Squier to its full potential, restoring a vintage instrument or maybe just looking for an even greater voice in your trusty late-model axe. Whatever the case, there's probably a single-coil pickup for you here - or even more likely, since Fender likes to sell them in complete sets, a whole trio of 'em! Naturally, like any other guitar mod, it's totally up to your personal preferences and playing style to decide on the best pickups for your needs... so why not get started right away?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your pickup search. If you're looking for the noise-free performance of humbuckers without giving up the classic Stratocaster single-coil look and feel, check out some of Fender's noiseless options like the N3 Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups Set of 3 or the Noiseless Upgrade Guitar Pickup Set. Or maybe you want the most accurate vintage sound you can get your hands on? In that case, try the Fender Custom Shop '54 Strat Pickups Set of 3 or the Stratocaster Original 57/62 Pickup Set on for size. Prefer a more specialized sound? The Fender Fat '50s Strat Pickup Set could be the answer.

If you were to ask 100 guitarists to describe the ideal Strat sound, you'd probably get 100 different answers. That's why taking your pick from this selection of Fender single-coil Stratocaster pickups is an individual decision that nobody else can make for you. But that doesn't mean you have to make it alone - if you're stuck, then go ahead and read up on what Fender has to say about them. And don't forget to check out some reviews and testimonials to get the impressions of other guitarists, too! Their tastes may be a little different from yours, but they'll still give you some valuable information to help you make up your mind.