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あなたが世界であるにかかわらず、我々はあなたが音楽のあなたに合う楽器、あなたの音楽と、あなたのスタイルを見つけるのに役立つでしょう。 私たちのサイトには、英語で表示されますが、すべての価格が現地通貨で表示されます。あなたのお店のように、我々はあなたの日本に出荷アイテムを紹介します。あなたが私たちの完全なカタログを参照したい場合は、米国に先の国を変更する

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Electric Guitar Pickups

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  1. Top Seller
    Ebow EBow Plus Electronic Bow for Guitar
    Your Price JPY 11,959.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 11,122.00
  2. Top Seller
    EMG ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker Set
    Your Price JPY 23,811.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 22,144.00
  3. Top Seller
    EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set
    Your Price JPY 29,793.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 27,708.00
  4. Top Seller
    EMG Metal Works JH James Hetfield Humbucker Signature Set
    Your Price JPY 29,793.00
  5. Top Seller
    EMG EMG-DG20 David Gilmour Pre-Wired Pickguard/Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 39,365.00
  6. Top Seller
    EMG EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup
    From Price JPY 11,845.00
  7. Top Seller
    EMG 57/66 Set
    Your Price JPY 29,793.00
  8. Top Seller
    EMG 81/85 Active Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 23,452.00
  9. Price Drop
    Lace Sensor Gold Prewired Pickguard
    Your Price JPY 19,389.00 Was:  JPY 22,811.00
  10. Save 15%
    Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red Prewired Pickguard
    Your Price JPY 28,477.00
  11. Top Rated
    EMG EMG-KFK Kerry King 81/85 Humbucker Set
    Your Price JPY 25,007.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 23,257.00
  12. EMG Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 23,811.00
  13. Lace Finger Burner Humbucker Guitar Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 16,830.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 15,652.00
  14. EMG MF Set
    Your Price JPY 22,614.00
  15. Save 15%
    Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red 3-Pack S-S-S Pickup Set
    From Price JPY 15,637.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 17,915.00
  16. EMG EMG-T Single-Coil Telecaster Active Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 20,221.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 18,806.00
  17. Save 15%
    Lace Bill Kelliher's Dissonant Aggressors Guitar Pickup Set
    From Price JPY 16,176.00
  18. Save 15%
    Lace Sensor Gold Guitar Pickups 3-Pack S-S-S Set
    From Price JPY 14,046.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 16,357.00
  19. EMG Pre-Wired Telecaster Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 22,614.00
  20. Save 15%
    Lace Holy Grail Noiseless Pickup 3-Pack
    Your Price JPY 27,161.00
  21. EMG Hot 70 Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 23,811.00
  22. Price Drop
    Lace Matt Pike's "Dirty Heshers" Humbucker Signature Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 16,206.00 Was:  JPY 16,806.00
  23. EMG H2 Vintage Logo Humbucker Set
    Your Price JPY 11,845.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 11,016.00
  24. EMG 81/60 Active Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 23,452.00
  25. Top Rated
    EMG 89XR Dual-Mode Humbucker Repositioned-Coil Guitar Pickup
    Your Price JPY 15,435.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 14,355.00
  26. Top Rated
    Lace Alumitone Deathbucker Pickup
    Your Price JPY 10,168.00
  27. Top Rated
    Lace Alumitone Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup
    Your Price JPY 10,078.00
  28. Top Rated
    JBE Pickups (Barden) Modern T-Style Tele Pickup Set Regular White
    Your Price JPY 35,171.00
  29. Top Rated
    JBE Pickups (Barden) Danny Gatton T-Style Tele Pickup Set
    Your Price JPY 35,171.00
    Open Box:
    JPY 32,709.00
  30. Save 15%
    Railhammer Chisel Humbucker Pickup
    Your Price JPY 11,845.00
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Electric guitar pickups provide a great way to customize your sound. They offer you the option of creating more sustain and enjoying stronger harmonics, and depending on the music genre or venue, pickups can make your tone warm or bright and allow you to add more or less distortion. Where you place you electric guitar pickup has an impact on the desired sound you want to achieve. If you're looking to create a bright or trebly timbre, place the pickup at the bridge. Neck pickups provide a warmer sound with a little more bass while multiple pickups together in one area help to produce additional vibrations. There are a variety of electric guitar pickups to choose from that can help you amplify your rockin' riffs or scorching solos.

For punchy tones and a clear, high tone, you might want to consider the EMG JH James Hetfield Humbucker Set. Designed specifically for Metallica's front man, this set features both a neck and bridge pickup that can be used together or separately. If screaming highs and bluesy lows are what you're after, the Seymour Duncan SH-1 1959 Model Electric Guitar Pickup is a solid choice. Its enameled wire, nickel plated studs and balanced coil windings produce great sustain, making this neck pickup a great addition to your Gibson or Les Paul. For an electric guitar pickup that offers great range for different genres, a Gibson '57 Classic Plus Pickup can help you make your musical mark. This bridge pickup delivers a slightly higher output without sacrificing the rich, vintage tone of your instrument. The Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 Pearly Gates Pickup is another great choice if you want some kick combined with a well-rounded sound. Your choice for an electric guitar pickup really comes down to personal preference and what kind of sound you're looking for. Whether you're jamming in the garage, recording live in the studio or taking centre stage every night, you're sure to find the electric guitar pickup that best suits your needs.

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