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These brass mouthpieces are produced with advanced computer design and manufacturing technology for unmatched precision, smooth attack, and easy playability. Ideal weight for all-around use and available in a variety of configurations to suit every player.
Yamaha Standard Series French Horn Mouthpiece 29C4

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  • Backbore: semi-wide
  • Characteristics: Designed especially for Bb horn, it is close to the YAC HR29B, but has slightly different rim contour, producing a warm, rich sound.
  • Cup depth: semi-shallow(v-cup)
  • Rim contour: standard
  • Rim inner diameter(mm): 16.87
  • Rim thickness: semi-thick
  • Throat (mm): 3.90
  • Compare to:
  • 28B: Alexander 5 (V-cup)
  • 29B: Alexander 5 with smaller rim diameter (V-cup)
  • 29C4: Tilz 39S, with smaller cup (U-cup)
  • 29D4: Holton VDC (double-cup)
  • 30B: Alexander 8 with shallower cup (V-cup)
  • 30C4: Tilz 39S (U-cup)
  • 30D4: Holton VDC, with larger rim diameter (double-cup)
  • 31B: Tilz 39 (V-cup)
  • 31D4: Giardinelli G17 (double-cup)
  • 32B: Tilz 39, with larger rim diameter (V-cup)
  • 32C4: Alexander 8F (U-cup)
  • 32D4: Giardinelli S16 (double-cup)
  • 33B: Denis Wick 5N (V-cup)
  • 33C4: Alexander 8F, with larger rim diameter (U-cup)
  • 34B: Denis Wick 4N (V-cup)
  • 34C4: Bach 3 (U-cup)
  • 35C4: Bach 3, with larger rim diameter (U-cup)

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