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Ukulele Cases & Gig Bags

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The ukulele may be a small instrument, but when you're passionate about playing one, a small instrument can become a big part of your life! Something like that deserves to be taken care of, and like any instrument, part of showing your ukulele a little love is making sure it gets around in one piece. The ukulele cases and gig bags in this section are more than ready to help you out with that, and the options are plenty. Just make sure to shop based on the size of your uke - considering the big difference between the tiny soprano and the relatively giant baritone at the other end of the scale, matching the case to the instrument is crucial for a proper fit. No matter which size ukulele you play (or sizes, if you've got a collection), you'll find that there are two main options to choose from: hard-shelled cases and soft gig bags. Each style has pros and cons, so deciding one way or the other is a matter of figuring out which one suits your needs. Rigid models, like the Gator GW-JM UKE-CON Journeyman Concert Ukulele Deluxe Wood Case or the Musician's Gear Tenor Ukulele Case, are generally the way to go if you plan to take your uke a long way, or to send it along when traveling by air. Since they're tough and solid, they can stand up to a lot of punishment. The drawback of hard-shell ukulele cases is that they're a bit on the bulky and heavy side. When you'd prefer to use something lighter, then a gig bag is the way to go. They're great for transporting your instrument around town, and since they're made of soft materials, you can squish them down for storage when you're not using them. Plus, most gig bags are loaded with pockets: for some examples, check out the Lanikai Padded Ukulele Gig Bag and the Gretsch G2191 Double Concert Ukulele Gig Bag. Picking out the best ukulele cases and gig bags for your needs really is as simple as that. Narrow the field down based on the size of your uke, decide the level of protection and portability you need, and then just make your choice from the options that satisfy on both counts. There are tons of top sellers in this section too, so feel free to have a look through those to see the cases and gig bags that are favorites for other ukulele players just like you.