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The 6L6GC STR Matched Power Tubes from Tung-Sol, built to the exacting specs of the most sought-after 1960s tubes. Rugged, reliable and packed with tone, these power tubes are designed to handle the demands of the most punishing guitar amp circuits. Choose from soft, medium or hard tubes to get the precise overdrive and distortion characteristics you crave.

Authentic Vintage Tone and Response

The 6L6GC STR tubes are constructed to the special request standards of the leading 1960s amp makers, delivering the musical, touch-sensitive response and lush harmonic complexity that defined the golden age of rock. Plug them in and experience the rich, dimensional tone that made legends out of timeless recordings.

Tailor Your Overdrive to Your Style

Whether you play searing blues, sophisticated jazz or a bit of everything in between, there's a 6L6GC STR tube for you. The soft tubes break up quickly for a bluesy, sustaining tone. The hard tubes have a high clean headroom ideal for jazz, country and bass. The medium tubes strike a versatile balance for dynamic, multi-genre players.

Roadworthy and Studio-Tested

The 6L6GC STR tubes are ruggedly built to excel on the road or in the studio. Their durable construction and tight matching tolerances allow for consistent, noise-free performance from rehearsal to recording to gig. Plug in, crank up and unleash your creativity without worrying about microphonics or premature tube wear.