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Thomastik Double Bass Strings

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As the largest bowed stringed instrument and far and away the lowest in tone, the double bass plays an essential role in orchestras, jazz quartets and even rockabilly trios around the world. In fact, its versatility also means that a wide range of string types are available for the instrument, and Thomastik double bass strings cover virtually every kind of double bass playing technique. Whether you play pizzicato-style (ie: with your hands) or use a bow, Thomastik's selection of double bass string is sure to have something that matches your tastes and application.

Thomastik double bass strings are offered in different series that suit some playing styles better than others. For example, Spirocore strings are popular among pizzicato jazz double bassists. Multiple gauges are available and their bright sound with top-notch sustain makes it very easy for your performance to be heard over other instruments. If this sounds appealing to you, then check out top sellers like the Spirocore 3/4 Size Double Bass Strings or the Spirocore 4/4 Size Double Bass Strings.

Now for those of you who play in orchestras, Thomastik's Belcanto series strings are for you. These strings have a buttery feel and are a lot lighter and looser compared to other orchestral bass strings. Thomastik Belcanto 3/4 Size Double Bass Strings are available here individually or as a complete set, and their dark tone will be sure to have you returning back to them time and again.

In addition to Spirocore and Belcanto strings, Thomastik has other terrific choices here as well (for a throaty growl that sounds great in both classical and jazz settings, try the Thomastik Dominant strings). By taking your own personal preferences and budget into consideration, you'll be sure to find a set of Thomastik double bass strings that make you excited about hitting the stage with your instrument. After all, we're talking about Thomastik here: a leader in the manufacture of strings for bowed instruments since 1919.