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Double Bass Strings

Strings are the heart and soul of any stringed instrument's performance, and that's especially true for the double bass. It's simple math: the strings on this instrument come in long lengths and heavy gauges, so any flaw in their construction is going to show in the sound. That means a well-made set of double bass strings is critical to great tone, and since no two bassists are alike, it's not just quality that matters either - you've also got to find strings that create the acoustic results you're looking for. Thankfully, this selection of double bass strings has a ton of variety to choose from, including all the top manufacturers. So getting the style and caliber of strings you need is actually pretty easy!

Of course, it starts with knowing your instrument and your needs - especially if you play something unique. For instance, NS Design electric basses have special demands for their strings, and to get the best results you might prefer some purpose-built strings like the D'Addario NS Electric Contemporary Bass String Set. Or maybe you're playing a traditional double bass and interested in strings to support your personal playing style... in that case, you can keep your eyes peeled for strings such as the Pirastro Jazzer Series Double Bass String Set. Designed specifically for jazz musicians, they're built to emphasize volume, sustain and vibrato without losing clarity.

It could be that you're simply looking for some classic, straightforward strings, in which case something from Thomastik could be the way to go. The bottom line is that choosing the best strings depends on your preferences and needs as a musican, so keep those in mind first and foremost. Use the built-in filters on the page to help narrow down your options, and don't forget to check out some reviews and ratings if you could use a hand making decision. With just a little bit of due diligence, the best double bass strings for your instrument won't be tough to find.