Designed by master artisan and mouthpiece model maker Gary Sugal, the SUPER GONZ BLACK is the darkest, most soulful, and traditional CNC sounding tenor mouthpiece in the Sugal mouthpiece library.

It has been designed around the old Florida Links and has that “link correlated” center ideal for the traditional, mainstream jazz saxophonist seeking a powerful fat classic soulful sound reminiscent of the Dexter–Trane era.

In 1992 Sugal produced a gold 18kt Heavy Gold plated Super Gonz I model for the well-known recording artist, and educator, Jerry Bergonzi and named this model after Jerry’s cat “The Gonz”. Produced in our factory on the latest high–tech CAD/CAM CNC (Computer Numerical Control ) machining center the SUPER GONZ BLACK retains all the attributes from the original Super Gonz I mouthpiece.