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Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophones are classified as woodwinds even though they're made of brass, and the reason is simple: it's because of their reeds. And while the reed is certainly the key to your sax's sound, you can think of the mouthpiece like the lock - neither one can do its job without the other. That makes these tenor saxophone mouthpieces as crucial as your reeds themselves, and if you've been looking for that elusive way to take your instrument's sound to the next level, it just might be waiting for you here in this section. From beginner to advanced, there are some fantastic choices to be found no matter your experience level and playing style. If you're new to the tenor sax and simply looking for a straightforward mouthpiece, you could start by checking out something like the Jewel Student Mouthpiece Kit, Rico Royal Graftonite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece or Giardinelli Student Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. These models are all affordable on a beginner's budget, so they're go-to choices if you're playing a secondhand instrument, a new model without a bundled mouthpiece or if you're just in need of a replacement. Another suggestion would be the Rico Metalite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, which is a top seller thanks to its metal-like sound in a composite body. Speaking of metal, there are lots of genuine metal mouthpieces here aimed at the advanced and professional crowd. If that sounds like you, then you might like to try the Theo Wanne GAIA Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece or the MACSAX Bob Sheppard Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. Of course, not every pro prefers metal, and if you'd rather have a high-end mouthpiece in a more traditional material, you've got options including the Theo Wanne Shiva Blue A.R.T. Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece and the SR Technologies Hard Rubber Legend Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. So before you jump in to browse the lineup of mouthpieces, ask yourself two questions: what is your experience level, and what material are you looking for? The answers to those, combined with your budget, will be a big help in narrowing down the field to find the perfect fit for you. Then, all that's left to do is choose your next mouthpiece and get ready to freshen up the sound of your reeds and your horn.