Rico Royal

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The Rico Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 3 are designed for saxophonists ready to take their playing to the next level. Made from the highest grade cane, these reeds produce a warm, vibrant tone with clarity in all registers of the instrument. Their precision cut and balanced shape provides an unparalleled level of responsiveness for nuanced phrasing and articulation. Whether performing intricate classical pieces or soulful jazz solos, the Rico Royal reeds enable saxophonists to achieve their ideal sound.

Premium Cane Construction for a Refined Tone

Rico Royal reeds are crafted from the finest grade of cane available to produce a sophisticated tone with rich overtones. Their dense, uniform fibers transmit the full harmonic spectrum of the saxophone, resulting in a resonant, multi-dimensional sound. The reeds' flawless finish and precisely tapered shape further enhance tonal qualities for a smooth, focused tone from the lowest notes to the highest altissimo registers.

French Filed for Effortless Response

Rico Royal reeds feature a French file cut that provides an unparalleled level of responsiveness and articulation. Their precisely tapered edges require minimal effort to produce a clear, distinct attack while still allowing for a warm, connected sound. This quality of response makes soft attacks, slurs, and subtle dynamic changes remarkably easy to execute. The reeds' balanced cut and medium-soft strength also provide enough resistance for a full, projecting tone while remaining highly responsive and controllable.

Ideal for Advancing and Professional Saxophonists

Rico Royal reeds are designed for saxophonists ready to explore the instrument's expressive capacities. Their premium construction and handcrafted quality satisfy the discerning tastes of advancing students and professionals alike. Whether performing in jazz combos, concert bands, orchestras or as soloists, Rico Royal reeds provide the refinement and versatility required for any musical setting or style. For saxophonists committed to their craft, Rico Royal reeds are an essential tool for achieving an optimal and personalized sound.

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  • Professional-quality reed for all musical applications
  • Premium grade cane for consistent response and playability
  • French filed for flexibility and fast response