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The classic tube for 15–22-watt amps known for the “Tweed” sound, the 6V6 beam tetrode power tube is known for smooth breakup at lower levels, with a tight bass and mics and a comfortable, non-“spikey” high end. This matched pair of Ruby 6V6GC tubes is a premium replacement for amps like the Fender Deluxe and Princeton, Marshall DSL15, Orange Rockerverb and many low-wattage boutique amps. All Ruby power tubes are labeled with precise matching measurements for transconductance and plate current. Matching those parameters ensures long tube life and optimal performance.
Ruby 6V6 Matched Amp Tubes Matched Quad

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  • Matched beam-tetrode power tubes
  • Premium direct replacement for any 6V6-based amplifier
  • Base labeled with precise plate current and transconductance ratings
  • Manufacturer’s 6-month replacement warranty