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The Humcutter series of hybrid pickups from Railhammer uses their unique technology to provide P90 tones without the hum. The Railhammer Nuevo 90 takes the punch and growl of a classic P90 and applies their combination of rail magnets and individual pole pieces, to produce a hum-free pickup with superb tonal balance and enhanced response. The Nuevo 90s are great for blues, classic rock, and the snarl of early punk-rock.

Railhammer's approach to pickup design puts rails under the bass side and individual pole pieces under the treble side to leverage the strengths of both. With fat low-end that never gets muddy and soaring highs that don't "icepick," they are rapidly become the pickup of choice for many notable players.
Railhammer Nuevo 90 Humcutter Pickup Gold Neck

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  • K Ohms: 7.8
  • Wire Gauge: 42
  • Magnet: Ceramic

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