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Whether you’re miking up your kick drum or amplifier, or setting up for a podcast or broadcast, the Proline MS112 Desktop Boom microphone stand is a great choice. This desktop boom mic stand from Proline safely and securely maintains the position you set for your microphone so nothing gets in the way of capturing the perfect sound. This versatile mic stand can be set up on a desktop or on the floor for miking your kick drum or amps. It’s constructed with die-cast metal clutches and a heavy-duty die-cast base that ensures it remains in place.

Low-Profile Boom Microphone

The Proline MS112 is a low-profile boom microphone stand that can be used on kick drums or for your next podcast. With the Proline MS112 you get 1" to 9" of telescoping boom with 12" to 17" adjustable height so you can make sure your microphone is set just right to capture that perfect tone or dialogue.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Proline MS112 Desktop Boom Microphone stand features die-cast metal clutches and a heavy-duty die-cast base. This heavy-duty construction helps guarantee that your mic stand stays firmly in place and won’t move around to interfere with you capturing that perfect sound or message.

Adjustable Height

The Proline MS112 can be adjusted from 12" to 17" so it can accommodate a variety of uses. Whether you’re miking up your amplifier or your kick drum, or setting up a podcasting or voice recording booth, the Proline MS112 microphone stand will make sure that you’re microphone stays where you want it, so you’re able to create that ideal sound or recording.

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