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Professional Oboes

From its powerful, robust notes in the low register to its bright and piercing highs, the oboe's versatility makes it a favorite double reed woodwind instrument and an integral part of concert bands, jazz groups and orchestras around the world. In fact, the oboe has a rich history that dates back to the mid-17th century, and it has even been employed in many popular rock and pop acts, including Roxy Music, Genesis and Sun Ra. With all this in mind, you can bet that today's professional oboes are crafted with meticulous attention to even the smallest detail, and this section has more than enough examples to prove it.

With a simple glance at this catalog, you'll see that these professional oboes boast an extremely high level of craftsmanship. Of course, you can get a better idea of which one is right for you by exploring each option more intently, and starting your search with the Fox Model 450 Oboe is a great way to kick things off. Fox has quickly gained a solid reputation for constructing oboes with stage veterans in mind, and this model is no exception. Sporting a select grenadilla lower joint and bell, a high quality plastic resin upper joint, nickel silver keys and a handmade full conservatory key system, these are just some of the features that give this oboe its superior resonance and powerful projection. To add even further to its value, this model comes with accessories like a French-style pro instrument case, reed and reed case, screwdriver, silk swab and cork grease.

After you're finished admiring the Fox 450, turn your attention over to the Buffet Crampon Orfeo C Professional Oboe. Made in collaboration between the Buffet Crampon Research and Development team and a group consisting of testers, masters and soloists from world-renowned orchestras, the Orfeo is Buffet Crampon's new standard in oboe design. Truthfully, it's a perfect representation of what can happen when French instrument manufacturing combines with state-of-the art technology. Take a closer look and see for yourself why the Orfeo may very well be your ideal oboe.

Whether you're a high school student oboist who's considering secondary music education or a discerning concert professional who has been playing the oboe for years, the professional model for you is waiting in these pages. From Fox and Buffet Crampon to Bulgheroni and Patricola, these woodwind instrument manufacturers take pride in constructing oboes that provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.