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Double Reed Instruments

The woodwind family is one of the oldest, most-researched and most versatile categories of musical instrument in the world. With centuries of history behind them, they're a mainstay of any orchestra or band. In this family, double reed instruments stand out even from their single-reed cousins. Some would say that's because they're a purer form of woodwind, but a more modest way of looking at it would be to call double reed instruments the ultimate choice for players who relish the challenge of a technical, customizable instrument. With the ability to make your own reeds from scratch, they offer a level of personalization above and beyond many other instruments.

The two staple instruments of the double reed category are the oboe and the English horn. They have a lot in common, which makes perfect sense since the English horn was derived from the oboe. They also have a few key differences, specifically in their timbre (which is less covered in the oboe) and their usual key: the oboe typically fits in as soprano, while the English horn picks up the tenor range. There's a wide variety of each instrument here to choose from, including beginner models like the Bulgheroni Student Oboe all the way to professional-level instruments such as the Artist Model English Horn, also from Bulgheroni.

The patriarch of the double reed instruments is, without a doubt, the bassoon. Larger and deeper in pitch than its sibling woodwinds, the bassoon occupies a key role in the orchestra. It's also available in a version that's bigger and deeper still: the contrabassoon. Choosing one of these instruments depends partly on your comfort level and, of course, your experience. For a beginner, check out the Allora Student Series Model AABN-141 Bassoon or something from the Fox Renard series. To expand your range, the Fox Contrabassoon is a solid option. Naturally, only you can decide which bassoon is right for you.

Don't let the variety of double reed instruments intimidate you! If you start by deciding which one in particular you'd like to play, then you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow down the listings. That'll make browsing a lot more manageable, and you can follow that up by selecting price ranges that fit your budget, or limiting the brands to only your favorites. With all those tools to help you out, finding the perfect instrument is as easy as can be.