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Professional Cellos

Like its smaller and larger brothers - the violin, viola and bass - the cello is an instrument that's gone relatively unchanged for a period of centuries. In fact, some of the oldest cellos still in use today are widely considered the greatest ones in the world. That's not to say, however, that modern craftsmen are sitting on their laurels. Far from it, in fact. The professional cellos you'll find in this section are acoustic works of art: the latest generation of a tradition ages in the making. So whether you've just recently reached the professional level and are replacing an intermediate instrument, or you're an expert cellist expanding your collection, there are some excellent options here for you.

One of the great things about professional cellos is that world-class craftsmanship can still be surprisingly affordable. For proof of that, you need only look at the Knilling Maestro Cello Outfit w/ Perfection Pegs or the Ren Wei Shi Model 7000 Cello. These instruments are designed and built to meet professional standards with a pocketbook-friendly sticker price. It makes them great choices for newly-minted professional cellists, or as "daily driver" instruments for veteran players.

Going even more high-end than that, we arrive at models like the Karl Willhelm Model 2000 Cello and the Maple Leaf Strings Emperor Artisan Collection Cello. Instruments of this caliber are ready to handle the demands of the most advanced players and the most challenging music. They deliver rich, responsive sound, are professionally fine-tuned in the workshop, and ship with high-end strings that provide excellent sound quality right out of the box.

An early lesson taught to all musicians is that it's important to have an instrument capable of keeping up with your skill level. So if you've reached the point where you're ready to make music your career, it's time to start looking at professional cellos. And, of course, the cellos in this section make great replacement instruments for the seasoned veteran cellist as well. Whatever your reason to look for a high-end cello, you've come to the right place to find it.