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Acoustic Cellos

There's nothing quite like the sound of a finely played cello. From its dark and heavy lows to its bright, penetrating highs, every note produced by an acoustic cello will resonate with your audience. The history of the acoustic cello dates back centuries and its appearance and design has remained virtually unchanged since it made its debut in the early 1600s. Because of its distinct tone and powerful sound, the acoustic cello has become a mainstay in modern music. Everyone from The Beatles to Cher to the Smashing Pumpkins have used the cello in their recordings and live performances. This section is home to instruments that cater to every skill level and budget. So whether you're just starting your musical journey or you've already established your talent and are searching for an instrument to bring it to a new level, there's an acoustic cello here for you. Let's start by checking out some cellos that are best suited for beginners. With its maple back and top, the Engelhardt E55 Series Economy Cello is designed to stand up to the rigorous practice sessions of a novice cellist. It's available in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes which gives you the convenience of matching a specific cello to your body type. Another student option is the Knilling Model Perfection Beginner Cello Bundle. This package contains a 4/4 full-size cello and all the accessories needed to perfect your playing: a brazilwood horsehair bow, a spare set of Prelude strings, a folding music stand and more. Now, if you're a seasoned cellist who wants to upgrade their instrument or add another to their collection, consider the Karl Willhelm Model 302 Cello. This cello is handcrafted and finished in Bubenreuth, Germany - and it shows in the rich, dark tone (the kind of sound you'd normally expect from an antique instrument). Built with the craftsmanship and quality of a high-end cello, the Model 302 will definitely make your sound shine. Now that you've seen a few acoustic cellos in more detail, the rest is up to you. Getting to know the various models presented here will help you make a more informed choice on which cello is best suited to your sound, playing style and budget. With their beautiful look and unique sound, the acoustic cello is a magnificent instrument - an instrument you'd be proud to call your own.