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Professional Baritone & Bass Saxophones

When Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax introduced baritone and bass saxophones to the music world in the 1840s, his main goal was for them to be the tonal link between woodwind and brass instruments. And while bass and baritone saxes may look like any other saxophone with their thin brass construction, formed bells and fitted mouthpieces, that's where the similarities end. Playing the baritone or bass saxophone is a different experience from saxes like the alto or soprano, in that they're lower-pitched and way larger in size. This section is home to a wide variety of professional bass and baritone saxophones - so whether you're making your debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or simply want to expand your musical skills, you're bound to find the sax of your dreams right here.

Something to keep in mind while browsing these pages is that bass and baritone saxophones are rarely a "starting point" for musicians. For this reason, most bass and baritone saxophones are designed with advanced musicians in mind. The professional bass and baritone horns in this catalog come in several different finishes which can affect your sound, including bright sounding silver-plating and warmer sounding gold-plating. Take for example, the Selmer Paris Series III Model 66AF Jubilee Edition Baritone Saxophone. This sax is a favorite among professional musicians worldwide, and for very good reason: it produces a flexible yet centered tone that's natural-sounding in almost any playing situation. This exquisite instrument features a gold tone lacquer finish that gives it a warmth and presence that sounds beautiful in live performances.

Since every professional bass and baritone sax in this selection offers something different, your best bet is to look at each one more intently. And since all manufacturers detail their instruments with their own unique engravings and lacquers, you should have no problem matching one to your specific sound and aesthetic preferences.