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The PRS SE NF3 is a versatile and inspiring guitar designed to bring your riff and lick ideas to life across genres, including rock, blues, country and jazz. At its core are three proprietary Narrowfield DD “S” pickups that deliver a uniquely musical and focused tone. On the playability side, its bolt-on maple neck and Wide Thin profile provide streamlined, effortless PRS feel. Sporting a poplar body and patented PRS tremolo, the SE NF3 is a gig-ready workhorse primed to unleash your creative expression—take the stage and studio with confidence in your sound.

PRS SE NF3 Narrowfield DD "S" Pickups

Discover a New Voice With Narrowfield DD “S” Pickups

The real magic of the SE NF3 lies in its trio of Narrowfield DD “S” pickups. Developed by PRS, these specialty pickups combine powerful magnets with a unique “deep dish” (DD) bobbin design to achieve incredible note definition and nuanced harmonic overtones. The mixed magnet/steel pole piece layout maintains tight lows without losing high-end shimmer. Whether it’s crystalline cleans, raunchy rhythms or liquid leads, these pickups project a bold, focused voice that cuts through any mix. The 5-way blade selector gives you instant access to their full range.

PRS SE NF3 Poplar Body

Balanced Tone From a Resonant Poplar Body

Complementing the pickups is a poplar body that strikes an ideal balance between warmth and articulation. The solidbody construction enhances resonance and sustain, allowing the Narrowfield pickups to truly shine by capturing the subtleties of your playing—especially in genres where precise articulation is an integral part of the performance and sound. You’ll love how the poplar responds to your technique and truly sings, whether strumming chords or ripping solos. It’s a tonally versatile platform for putting your best tone forward.

PRS SE NF3 Wide Thin Neck With Maple Fretboard

Signature PRS Wide Thin Neck and Smooth Playability

One of the hallmarks of PRS guitars is their incredible playability—and the SE NF3 delivers in spades. The bolt-on maple neck features PRS’ beloved Wide Thin profile that’s equally at home for rhythm playing and lead work. The maple fretboard boasts a comfortable 10" radius for smooth bending and vibrato, and iconic bird inlays adorn the neck with tasteful PRS style. On top of it all, fret access is a breeze up to the 22nd fret, lending itself to unhindered playing in every register. Each aspect of the neck works in harmony to provide the signature PRS playing experience, inspiring confidence when you’re rocking out and getting lost in intricate melodies.

PRS SE NF3 Quality Hardware

PRS Hardware Designed for Expressive Performance

Reliable PRS hardware ensures the SE NF3 stays in tune through aggressive string bends and tremolo flutter. The patented PRS molded tremolo delivers tuning stability and buttery smooth action for every manner of pitch manipulation, from gentle vibrato to daring dive bombs. PRS-designed tuners provide precise, responsive tuning, while also minimizing overtones that can dampen your sound. With the SE NF3’s sturdy construction and top-tier components, you can focus on playing instead of fighting your instrument. The included gig bag additionally makes it easy to bring this versatile electric guitar wherever your music takes you.

For a guitar that inspires freedom of artistry across musical styles, look no further than the PRS SE NF3 with a maple fretboard. Its unique Narrowfield pickups, resonant poplar body and renowned PRS playability open up new avenues for self-expression. Explore the SE NF3 today, and experience what PRS players rave about.

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  • Poplar body, maple neck and maple fingerboard
  • Trio of PRS Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) "S" pickups
  • PRS patented tremolo

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  • Material: Poplar
  • Finish: Patented PRS finish
  • Type: Bolt-on
  • Material: Maple
  • Frets: 22
  • Fretboard material: Maple
  • Configuration: SSS
  • Pickups: Trio of PRS Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) "S" pickups
  • Bridge: PRS patented tremolo
  • Orientation: Right handed
  • Strings: 6
  • Case: Sold separately

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3 year warranty on parts, hardware, cases, and electronics. Limited lifetime warranty on all other products.

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