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Compared to similarly priced instruments, the M24 offers mountain maple wood vs domestic maple, top-quality bocals vs mid-level bocals and German craftsmanship. It has excellent sound, projection, intonation and response. Comers with case, cover and accessories.

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  • Bosnian Mountain Maple Body
  • French bell ring (metal)
  • Lining of wing joint and both sides of the boot
  • German Silver water tubes extending into the bore
  • Body lock
  • 26 German Silver keys with silver plating
  • 6 Rollers – F, Ab, C#, D#, Bb & F#
  • Rotary Style Whisper Key Lock
  • High D & E keys
  • Two “Excellent Series” bocals – AW1 & AW2
  • BAM St. Germain Back Pak Style Case
  • Hand rest
  • BG Cup Style Seat strap
  • BG Silk - Bamboo swabs for boot, wing & bocal
  • BG Large Silk – Bamboo Care Cloth