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Student Bassoons

Since it came into existence during the 19th century, the bassoon has played an essential role in orchestras and concert ensembles around the globe. A member of the double reed family, this woodwind instrument is known for its warm tone and versatility, and learning one has been described as both a challenging and enjoyable experience. The good news is that student bassoons are made specifically with beginner's aspirations in mind, so they're typically smaller than intermediate and professional models and feature only the most important keys. Any one of the bassoons in this catalog would be an excellent place to start your search from, but to get things rolling, we'll suggest turning your attention over to the Amati ABN-32-MS Maple Bassoon. This bassoon in particular is standard size, but its keywork is simplified to fit the hands of petite players. Lightweight and featuring well-adjusted springs for comfortable fingering, the ABN-32-MS will give any entry-level musician the confidence they need to continue on with the instrument. After you're done admiring the model just mentioned, feast your eyes on the Fox Renard Model 51 Bassoon. Sporting a polypropylene body with critical dimensions that are machine finished, this "short reach" style bassoon has many high-quality features. From the nickel silver keys and plating to the full German system key mechanism and rollers on the Eb and Db keys, the Renard Model 51 is a work of art designed for up-and-comers with big ambitions. Regardless of your age, the simple truth is that it's never too late to learn a musical instrument. If you're thinking about taking up the bassoon, you're definitely in the right place to get started. Companies like Amati, Fox and Selmer are also well-known and respected amongst band instructors for their beautifully-crafted bassoons, and they can all be found here offering their own student models.