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Microphone Accessory Packages


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10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

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A great microphone is its own reward, but if you want to get the absolute best results or if you want to make your mic work even harder than it does out-of-the-box, sometimes it takes the right accessory to make it happen. Plus, there are those times when just one accessory isn't quite enough. For those situations, one of the microphone accessory packages found in this section could be just what you need to take care of business. By combining multiple accessories into one bundle or simply packaging up the accessory in a way that makes it handy to transport and use, these kits make it easy to upgrade your mic for that extra bit of performance or utility.

One of the most basic, yet most critical, accessories for studio microphones is the shock mount. Its job is to insulate the mic from vibrations that can reach it through its stand, which prevents those jitters from affecting the captured audio. Of course, unwanted sounds can also come right out of the air in the form of pops with certain instrument and vocal sounds - in that case, the solution is a pop filter. So how do these accessories relate to packages? Check out the Sabra Som SSM-POP Pop Filter and Shock Mount Kit for one example to answer that question. It gives you both, as well as a stand to support them all: everything you need to get your microphone studio-ready.

Not everything you'll find here is a passive accessory. Some of them - like the Line 6 V75-BP Bodypack Transmitter - are even major parts of the microphone. Others, such as the Drawmer KICKBOX 4X4 Portable Active Splitter, are support packages for the back-end. Why an active splitter, you may ask? Simple: being active means that it contains electronics to reproduce the signal multiple times, as opposed to simply routing one signal to multiple outputs. That means much better sound quality, not to mention a little less work for your amplifiers.

However you're looking to expand the capability of your mics, there's a good chance that you can find the best microphone accessory package to accomplish it right here in this section. So don't hesitate to start browsing - just think about what you'd like your setup to do for you, and it's safe to say the right accessory bundles will be easy to spot. After that, all that's left is to put them to work!