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Marching Baritone Horns

While the size and composition of a marching band can vary greatly, no band is complete without a baritone horn. When it comes to the look and sound of the marching baritone horn, it typically falls somewhere between a trombone and a euphonium. Whether you've been playing the field for years or just started in a marching band, the one thing you need more than anything else is a reliable instrument to see you through. Thankfully, you'll find a wide range of marching baritone horns on today's market, so finding the perfect model for you will be a breeze.

Loud, clear and lightweight, the Adams MB1 Series Bb Baritone was made for marching. Tipping the scale at only 5.6 lbs, this impeccably-constructed instrument is outfitted with precision-cut stainless steel pistons for a quick response and years of maintenance-free playing. It's also available in your choice of brass lacquer or silver and comes with a durable carrying case. If comfort and portability is high on your list of priorities, then you should definitely consider the Adams MB1 Series Baritone Horn.

Another fantastic option is the Amati ABH 225 Series Bb Marching Baritone. This standard-model horn has a rich, full sound that blends beautifully with the rest of a band. It's easy to carry and maneuver, making it a great choice for winding parade routes and performances that call for long periods of standing. Featuring three top action stainless steel valves, two water keys and a silver-plated mouthpiece, this marching baritone horn is ready to play right out of the case.

By now you've probably realized that if you're looking for a marching baritone horn that will stand up to the tough demands of band use, you've come to the right spot. You'll be proud to show off your skill on any one of these exceptional instruments - so don't hesitate to dive right into this catalog any time now and see which marching baritone horn is best for you.