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Baritone Horns

No school or marching brass band would be complete without the characteristic look and deep tone of the baritone horn. Pitched in concert Bb, it's a versatile horn that can play natively in the bass clef, as well as transposing in the treble clef. If you're looking for a distinctive instrument to play in your band, this is a great way to go. In terms of look and sound, a baritone horn falls somewhere between a trombone and a euphonium. It's typically a three-valve instrument like the euphonium, but is generally a bit smaller. You'll also notice that there are a few different shapes of baritone horn available, which is common for mid to large-sized horns that are widely used in marching bands. If you'll be playing in an orchestra or as a hobby, a standard baritone is a solid choice. But if you're taking your baritone out on the field, consider a marching version instead for easier carrying and better projection.

Current and aspiring marching band members are encouraged to take a look at baritone horns like the King 1127 Ultimate Series and Adams MB1 Series marching horns. The differences between these and standard instruments are more than just skin-deep: they're also designed to be lighter as well as extra-durable, so they can be carried for long distances without tiring you out and they'll stand up well to all the rigors of the road. Since a baritone horn is a pretty weighty instrument, you'll also want to make sure that the horn you choose is a good size for your experience level and physical build. Younger and novice players can start with a lighter instrument such as the Besson BE1057 Performance Series Bb Baritone Horn for a more accessible introduction, and then move on to heavier horns later. After that, it's just a matter of deciding on your preferred baritone horn style and finish and you'll be ready to take your pick from the instruments found here. There's a baritone horn for anyone, from the newest beginner to the seasoned pro, so don't be intimidated by the selection: a little browsing and you'll narrow the options down to your new instrument in no time.