The Majestic Concert Black Series marimba bring modern features that Majestic is known for. The Concert Black marimba features solid wood end pieces and rails. Heavy duty legs and cross bar provide excellent stability a player can rely on. Padauk bars are manufactured with the highest degree of technology and craftsmanship. Height-adjustable functions and tunable low-range resonators adapt to all playing conditions ensuring tonal quality, resonance and comfort. The resonators below A2 can also be adjusted to temperature and humidity for even more protection and sustain. The Majestic Concert Black marimba is perfect for schools, universities and ensembles.
  • 5.0 Octave
  • Padauk bars
  • Rails with re-leveling adjustment
  • Leg Assembly: Dual crank-up height adjustment
  • Black finish resonators
  • Range: C2 - C7
  • Bar Width: 76-41mm
  • Tuning Range: C2- A2
  • Tuning Cap: Lower Half Octave
  • Height Range: 84 - 106 cm
  • Resonator: Black