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Concert Mallet Percussion

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Percussion is one of the oldest and biggest families of musical instrument, and its ranks are filled with a lot more than just drums! All it takes to see that plainly is a single glance at this selection of Concert Mallet Percussion. Filled with all the melodic percussion instruments and chimes you could ask for, this section is the perfect place to gear up with percussion that can carry a tune or deliver special effects. These instruments are staples of orchestras and concert bands everywhere, thanks to their unique sounds that bridge the gap between percussion and other instruments, providing the arrangement with an added layer of complexity that's all their own.

Most concert mallet percussion has a keyboard-like arrangement, seen in well-known instruments like the Sound Percussion Labs 2-2/3 Octabe Xylophone, the Majestic 4.3-Octave Deluxe Series Marimba with Padauk Bars and the Musser M-645 Orchestra Bells. All three of those instruments are on the list of top sellers for the section, and they're just the tip of the iceberg - there's plenty more where those came from, including the Malletech 2.6 "Infinity" Glockenspiel, Adams 3.3 Octave Round Top Parsifal Bells and more.

Of course, not all concert mallet percussion instruments have the keyboard layout. Some are totally unique, like the Musser Symphonic Chimes or their field-ready cousins, the Adams Symphonic Chimes 1.5 Octave with Endurance Field Frame. Some are small, such as the Aluphone Single Bell C6, and some are totally customizable - check out Zildjian's Crotales or Aluphone's Stensgaard and Glennie series for examples of specialty chimes you can set up in any way you decide.

When it comes to concert mallet percussion, variety is king. There are lots of different types of instruments here to choose from, and within each of those types, a huge assortment of choices. Every one has its own unique set of features and its own tonal character. So if you've been looking for a way to set your band's sound apart from the norm, you've definitely come to the right place!
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