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The LP LP243 Super guiro is an innovative take on the traditional guiro features a ribbed wooden board with an array of different textures to create a diverse range of raspy, rattling sounds. Musicians and percussionists will appreciate its versatile sonic capabilities and durable construction. The LP243 Super guiro invites you to explore new rhythmic territory.

Textured Playing Surface Inspires Sonic Experimentation

The LP243 Super guiro's wooden playing surface is covered in perpendicular grooves, ridges and bumps to produce an array of rasping sounds. Rub the wooden stick up and down, side to side or at an angle to unleash different tones. The coarseness and pattern of each texture impacts the resulting rattle, enabling a range of sounds not possible on a standard smooth guiro. Percussionists can get creative with rhythms and phrasing using the LP243's varied timbres.

Durable Wooden Construction Built to Last

LP constructed the LP243 Super guiro from sturdy, high quality wood to withstand repeated use. Its solid wooden board features smoothly sanded edges and corners for comfortable playing, even during extended practice sessions. The included wooden stick produces a clear, resonant tone when rubbed along the textured surface. All components are securely joined and sealed to prevent damage from humidity. This guiro is built to provide years of rhythmic creativity.

Ideal for Studio Work or Live Performance

With its unique sounds and durable build, the LP243 Super guiro works well for both studio recording and live shows. In the studio, musicians can experiment with different textures to create distinctive guiro patterns. During live performances, the LP243 projects clearly while handling the impacts of energetic playing. Its compact size allows for easy transportation to gigs.

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