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If you're familiar with the musical stylings that come out of Latin America, then there's a very good chance you've heard a guiro. In fact, the ratchet-like sound of these percussion instruments are commonly found in orchestras as well. If you're in the market for a new guiro, this is definitely the place for you. In fact, the guiros in these pages are manufactured by world renowned percussion companies like LP, Nino, Cannon and Toca. Whether you're an experienced player of the guiro or simply want to add some versatility to your routine, there's bound to be a guiro here that matches your personal tastes. So where should you begin your search? The choice is yours, but when you consider how many top sellers make up this catalog, you can bet any one of these models will impress you. Take for instance, the LP LP243 Super Guiro. Precision-molded and producing a loud, authentic Cuban sound, LP243 comes with a plastic scraper and is built to handle a lifetime of use. Another popular option is the Toca Fiberglass Guiro. Featuring grooved spacing for a "salsa" sound and accentuated by its fiberglass construction, this guiro is ideal for any percussionist who wants to spice up their performance. In addition to traditional-looking guiros, there are also models in this section that boast more unique shapes and designs, including the Nino Frog Guiro. The "ribbit" sound created by scratching the wooden beater makes this guiro a big hit with children, and it can even be used as a woodblock by striking its resonating body. While you're at it, take a look at the LP CP249A Fish Style Guiro. Solidly built and very fun to play, the CP249A's fish-shaped body and great sound make it a treat on both the eyes and the ears. By now it's probably obvious that the perfect guiro is only a click or two away, so we'll leave the next move up to you. Remember to explore each of your options thoroughly, and before you know it you'll be adding a distinctive Latin flair to your performance that is sure to delight anyone who's lucky enough to hear you in action.