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The Graph Tech Ratio 3+3 Vintage electric locking tuning machine heads bring enhanced tuning performance to your guitar. With their patented Ratio gearing technology, these machine heads are engineered to provide even string tension across all six strings. This results in fast, accurate tuning and unmatched stability once tuned in. A locking mechanism keeps each string locked at pitch for consistent tone during performances and recordings.

Precision Tuning With Patented Ratio Gear Technology

The Ratio tuning machines feature calibrated gears that are optimized for each string's gauge and pitch. Lower strings have higher gear ratios while higher strings have lower gear ratios, balancing the tuning tension. This makes tuning intuitive and predictable across all six strings. Just a half turn of the peg adjusts any string by one semitone, streamlining the tuning process. You'll achieve precise tuning in seconds with even stability.

Rock-Solid Tuning Stability With Locking Mechanism

Each Ratio tuning machine incorporates a locking mechanism that clamps down on the string to prevent slippage once tuned to pitch. This provides exceptional tuning stability compared to non-locking tuners. Your guitar will stay perfectly in tune through extended practice sessions, gigs and recording sessions. No more mid-song retuning or worrying about strings going out of tune when you need them most. The locking Ratio tuners will keep your guitar sounding its best.

Vintage Chrome Finish for Classic Style

The chrome finish gives these Ratio tuning machines a brilliant shine and vintage aesthetic. They'll look fantastic installed on any guitar. The chrome color nicely complements maple, mahogany, ash and other popular tonewoods. If you want your guitar to maintain a classic, stylish look, the chrome Ratio tuners are a perfect fit.

Easy Installation

Graph Tech includes everything you need to install these Ratio tuners on your guitar. The tuners come with mounting screws, bushings and four sets of aluminum mounting plates. You can use your guitar's existing screw holes for a fast and accurate installation. No major modifications are required. Just swap out the old tuners, attach the mounting plates and install the new Ratio tuners. In just a little while your guitar will have pro-grade tuning performance.

*Now includes InvisoMatch Standard Mounting Plates for easy installation. Fits most headstocks.
Graph Tech Electric Locking 3+3 Vintage 2 Pin Tuners Chrome

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