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Solid and sturdy guitar components are a great way ensure your performance goes off smoothly. Graph Tech’s aim has always been to provide musicians with durable nuts, saddles and pickups … and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With an eye for innovation, Graph Tech has solved many technical issues that have musicians have run into for years.

Dave Dunwoodie founded GT almost thirty years ago after his first Fender went out of tune due to a faulty guitar nut. Dave then began to experiment with eliminating traditional string bindings on guitar nuts. He found that with proper lubrication, the binding could be eliminated completely. His vision for making components more durable and easier to work with made Graph Tech a recognized leader in the industry.

The original and innovative slotted nuts are available in a range of sizes to fit your guitar or bass perfectly. The construction of these nuts allows your strings to tightly sit in the slots without fear of too much tension causing breakage mid-set. The synthetic ivory material is sturdy enough to protect your strings, giving them extra life and providing you with the exact tone you’re looking for.

The Graph Tech saddle and nut line are standard with a range of guitar manufacturers, from Avalon to Zion. The confidence that many big name brands put into Graph Tech is immense. For instance, the ResoMax NV2 guitar bridge is equipped with string saver saddles which include Teflon to help improve tuning and eliminate breakage. If your electric guitar has bridge issues a Graph Tech solution might be your best bet. The saddles available can be easily included on your guitar or bass, should you want to enhance your own model.

Improving the musical experience is Graph Tech’s claim to fame. If you want to give your guitar or bass a longer life, it’s worthwhile looking into a GT option that will suit your needs and treat your instrument the way it deserves to be treated.