Go inside the mind of one of the most accomplished guitar instructors in history. Troy's long history in writing, recording, and studying music theory have given him the tools needed to teach others. His theories and applications in music theory are some of the most widely used by guitarists and musicians today. Troy is also the author of more than 40 guitar instructional methods for the Hal Leonard Corporation. Combined, Troy's releases alone have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. This is Troy's first full length instructional DVD release that will unveil hundreds of his key insights to mastering the electric guitar.

Comes With Hand Signed Letter From Troy
  • The role of effortlessness - how to reduce your playing tension
  • The path to unlimited speed, control and articulation
  • Ultimate shred picking secrets - building total picking control
  • How and what to practice for maximum skill retention
  • The role of exercises - how to choose them, how to use them
  • Non-standard phrasing ideas and bending approaches
  • Metronome techniques for greater rhythmic control
  • Secrets to playing in the pocket
  • Secrets to building engaging riffs
  • Dozens of arrangement tips and compositional ideas
  • An inside look at six songs from Second Soul's "Beyond the Infinite" CD
  • Over 3.5 hours of footage
  • Tablature book
  • Guest appearances by Mark Tremonti, Michael Angelo Batio, Eric Friedman, & Bill Peck